Now is the time to act.

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Several people are at a rally with their arms held above their heads and hands linked together.
Photo by Rodolfo Quirós from pexels.com

Across the nation, advocates and community leaders are pushing to expand access to clean and renewable energy, scale up weatherization and energy assistance programs, and to protect their communities from shut-offs during the Covid-19 crisis, but Missouri and Kansas are being left behind. That’s why Build Power MoKan–a coalition of organizations from Missouri and Kansas–is calling for an immediate end to all utility shut-offs and other concrete steps to protect our most vulnerable residents.

For many unable to pay their utility bills, this is the first time they’ve been unemployed and forced to choose between keeping food on the table or the lights on. Social service organizations need more help, more funding and more time to meet the needs of impacted families. Public education officials are losing contact with children as their families lose work and can’t pay their bills.

Kansas and Missouri are already two of the most Energy Burdened states in the country. Not only do low income families pay more for energy than wealthy households, but Black households typically pay more for energy than white households, meaning the current crises may widen existing racial disparities.

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