Build Power MoKan is a network of individual activists, organizations, and community leaders working collaboratively to expand access to clean, renewable energy, expand access to weatherization and assistance programs, and to hold electric utilities in Kansas and Western Missouri accountable to the needs of their customers.

We are non-profits and individuals working in Kansas and Missouri at the intersection of climate, environmental and racial justice.

Energy policies impact economic, health, education and racial justice in our region. That’s why we need a space for collaboration and to ensure racial and intersectional justice organizations in Kansas and Missouri can work together effectively to change the region’s energy industry.

We organize around the Jemez Principles:

  1. Be Inclusive
  2. Emphasis on Bottom-Up Organizing
  3. Let People Speak for Themselves
  4. Work Together In Solidarity and Mutuality
  5. Build Just Relationships Among Ourselves
  6. Commitment to Self-Transformation